Cambridge scoop Varsity wine tasting title

Wine Guy noticed this snippet of news the other day which reminded him of his own University days, well almost that is, but with one major difference.....he didn't drink wine at that time, never mind blind tasting!  However, as a student who excelled in all matters related to brewing', he was known to be able to differentiate between a Molson's and a Labatt's with relative ease.Faint  praise indeed!

The University of Cambridge's wine tasting team has broken Oxford's winning streak by winning the latest Varsity match.

The 61st Blind Wine-Tasting match was held on 18 February at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in London.

As usual, the teams had 40 minutes to taste and try and identify 12 wines , six white, six red, which had been chosen by Cassidy Dart.

Sponsors Champagne Pol Roger said the atmosphere was “tense” but that “months of diligent training were clearly in evidence.”

Cambridge and its wine consumption recently hit the news when a freedom of information request from theTelegraph revealed what colleges were spending on wine.

This sparked protests from students outside King’s College which was shown to have spent the most on wine despite not paying all of its staff a 'living' wage.  The information also spawned a chart and much detailed and deadly serious analysis on how attending a college that spent more on wine generally increased your chances of gaining a first

Last year the 60th Varsity match was held between members of the UK trade and press which the trade won by the narrowest of margins.

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