Champagne Tasting London

Travelling to London?  Allow us to welcome you on a bubbly note!

Book your champagne tasting experience with us and let this sparkling wine fizzle up your vacation.

Travelling, after all, is supposed to be a learning experience.  For example, did you know that champagne is called champagne because it is produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France?

So experience London in a way like no other - with a flute of bubbly in your hand!  It doesn't matter if your London holiday is week-long or only for a weekend, or even if you're just staying the night.  Champagne tasting will make it a delightful experience.

After all, London is not called a "global" city for nothing.  If you book our champagne tasting package, we will bring the world to you on a silver platter.  Literally, that is!  French champagne with charcuterie, Italian antipasti, Spanish tapas, Swiss cheese, American nibbles, Belgian chocolates, or even a full intercontinental dinner.   Truly a delicious experience.

It's a fun event that travelers can enjoy - in private or in public!  Integrate it with your sightseeing and you will absorb more of the British culture.  In London, there are simply so many things you can do.  Sip champagne as you sail across the River Thames, stroll along the Royal Botanic Gardens or even aboard the London Eye, or at the peak of The Shard, or after watching a play on the West End.  Feeling tired already?    If you're the type who would rather sit in a pub with a view of London's magnificent historic sights, we can do that too.  (What's a visit to London without going to a pub, right?)

Whatever your personality is, one thing is guaranteed.  You will have fun while learning from our Masters.  Our Masters will tell you the history, artistry, and methodology of champagne.  And your new knowledge is the best souvenir that you can get from this vacation.  You are bound to enjoy champagne more as you get back home.

If you are entertaining a tourist, this is a chic way to do so.

Come to London a champagne nouveau but return home as a sommelier.  Let Wine Works lead the way.

Chocolate and Champagne Tasting

Did you know that chocolate and champagne go well together?

Yes, it's true.

Traditionally, champagne has been paired with hors d' oeuvres or even light meals.  Think succulent oysters, glazed fish,  grilled chicken,  poached or deviled eggs, creamy pasta or risotto, savory canapes and caviars.  The list goes on.

But now it's time to break tradition.  What most people don't know is that champagne is so versatile (the most versatile of wines, in fact) that, yes,  you can pair champagne with chocolate as a perfect sweet end to your lovely meal.

Ever wondered how and why champagne has bubbles?  (A champagne is called a bubbly for this reason.)  These festive bubbles come from a second fermentation of wine after sugar has been added and the bottles are capped, thus causing the carbonation to build up.  But these bubbles actually have a purpose.  They scrub off your palate - clear your palate - which is why champagne complements most food.  Any food you pair with it comes out more flavorful.

Such is the case with champagne and chocolates.  Imagine this.  Pralines and truffles from Belgium - said to be the best in the world.  Paired with a French champagne - allows you to taste the chocolate in its purest form and lets it linger in your mouth.

Unsure of which chocolate goes best with what champagne?  Allow us to show you how.   At Wine Works, we'll take you through matching the most premium chocolates with the world's best champagnes.  Learn the difference between Doux, Demi-Sec, Dry, Extra Dry, and Brut.   Or maybe Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, and Rose.  (Hey, this is knowledge you can share to impress.)  We will even make your get-together more interesting by demonstrating the art of chocolate making.

So, if you fancy a chocolate and champagne bar for your corporate event or if you simply want to indulge in this decadent and luxurious experience with your family and friends, remember that with Wine Works, a private chocolate and champagne tasting is within your reach.  Because champagne need not be a rare treat for special occasions.  With Wine Works, every day can be a day to celebrate.

Champagne Tasting

Do you love Champagne like we do? Would you like to learn a little bit more about this fantastic drink, then a Wine-Works Champagne Tasting is the perfect solution. With our Champagne Tasting you will learn how to spot the differences between Champagne and some of the best quality Sparkling Wines from around the world. Are they really worth the difference in price, and which do you prefer? As part of our champagne tasting you will also learn which foods match with champagne…..yes you can drink it with food! You can also learn how to make a Champagne Cocktail utilising fruit based liqueurs and then sampling the results. You don't need a special occasion to enjoy our Champagne Tasting, but should you wish to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation in style then our Champagne Tasting is a great way to. Your Champagne Tasting can be run for small groups of 10, or larger groups as a stand alone event which can include some fun interactive quiz options and blind tastings, and we can always provide a Champagne reception prior to your wine tasting event. For the Corporate Sector our champagne tasting is a marvellous way to reward staff or entertain clients in an informal yet informative tasting environment at a venue of your choosing. Please e-mail for further details or to book your Champagne Tasting.

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