Chocolate and Champagne Tasting

Did you know that chocolate and champagne go well together?

Yes, it's true.

Traditionally, champagne has been paired with hors d' oeuvres or even light meals.  Think succulent oysters, glazed fish,  grilled chicken,  poached or deviled eggs, creamy pasta or risotto, savory canapes and caviars.  The list goes on.

But now it's time to break tradition.  What most people don't know is that champagne is so versatile (the most versatile of wines, in fact) that, yes,  you can pair champagne with chocolate as a perfect sweet end to your lovely meal.

Ever wondered how and why champagne has bubbles?  (A champagne is called a bubbly for this reason.)  These festive bubbles come from a second fermentation of wine after sugar has been added and the bottles are capped, thus causing the carbonation to build up.  But these bubbles actually have a purpose.  They scrub off your palate - clear your palate - which is why champagne complements most food.  Any food you pair with it comes out more flavorful.

Such is the case with champagne and chocolates.  Imagine this.  Pralines and truffles from Belgium - said to be the best in the world.  Paired with a French champagne - allows you to taste the chocolate in its purest form and lets it linger in your mouth.

Unsure of which chocolate goes best with what champagne?  Allow us to show you how.   At Wine Works, we'll take you through matching the most premium chocolates with the world's best champagnes.  Learn the difference between Doux, Demi-Sec, Dry, Extra Dry, and Brut.   Or maybe Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, and Rose.  (Hey, this is knowledge you can share to impress.)  We will even make your get-together more interesting by demonstrating the art of chocolate making.

So, if you fancy a chocolate and champagne bar for your corporate event or if you simply want to indulge in this decadent and luxurious experience with your family and friends, remember that with Wine Works, a private chocolate and champagne tasting is within your reach.  Because champagne need not be a rare treat for special occasions.  With Wine Works, every day can be a day to celebrate.

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