Tips for Organizing Your Own Wine Tasting Party

Wine Works can help you plan a glitch-free wine tasting party. Here are some tips and ideas for you.


wine tasting party

Wine Tasting Party

A glass or two of wine is always a good way to relax with friends or celebrate an achievement.

Hosting a wine tasting party is a great way to get friends and family together to do something fun. Your friends who are wine enthusiasts will surely be enthralled by the idea, and those who are not wine drinkers will have the opportunity to taste different kinds at a time.


Here are some tips if you are planning on organizing a wine tasting party:

  • Decide what type of tasting you would like to do at your party - i.e. vertical wine tasting, horizontal wine tasting, wine and cheese tasting, wine and chocolate tasting, etc.
  • Select a venue. You can have the wine tasting at your home - your garden or pool area maybe, or you can rent a venue outside, depending on the theme and ambiance that you want to set.
  • Finalize your guest list. Send out your invitations at least two weeks in advance.
  • Create tasting cards where your guests can record their evaluations: the appearance, aroma, flavor, after taste, etc.
  • Select a theme and decorate your wine tasting room. For example, if your theme is vintage, you can use white table cloths, candles, vintage bottles, lamps and paintings.
  • You may also prepare games, quizzes and prizes to make the party more interactive.
  • Prepare the following items:
    • six to ten wines
    • appetizers - you can offer some hors d'oeuvre and get the conversations started before the tasting begins
    • A loaf of plain bread - guests can use this to clean their palate in between wines
    • Wine glasses
    • Pitcher(s) of water - to use to rinse wine glasses in between tastings
    • Dump bucket - for dumping excess wine before pouring the next one
    • Tasting cards, pens and papers
    • Brown paper bags or aluminum foil to cover the wine bottles if you plan to do blind tasting


If you feel like you need more professional help in planning your wine tasting party, Wine Works can help you.

Our experienced staff and professional wine guides will help you from planning the details to the day of the event. We will come to your chosen venue, for your convenience. Call us today and ask about our services for a wine tasting party.

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