Wine and Cheese Tasting

Include wine and cheese tasting at your next party and your guests will surely be talking about the experience for weeks!


wine and cheese tasting

Wine and Cheese Tasting

With wine being a dinner staple for many cultures, matching food with wine to enhance the dining experience and the taste of wine goes back to history as well. For example, if you bought a Cabernet Sauvignon at a bargain, you can make the taste more sophisticated by serving it with blue cheese. The coat of blue cheese in the mouth softens the Cab.

For many years, wine and cheese have gone hand in hand. Doing a wine and cheese tasting party will allow you experiment different combinations. This will allow your tongue to become more sensitive to the tastes and detect how a particular kind of cheese influences a specific wine.

Here are some useful tips when pairing wine and cheese:

  • A good way for beginners to pair wine and cheese is to choose ones from the same region. Parmesan cheese will compliment an Italian Chianti very well.
  • Hard cheeses such as cheddar are best paired with tannic wines. Hard cheeses have proteins and fats that can soften the tannins in wines. This will make the wine less bitter, and taste fuller and fruitier.
  • Creamy cheeses are usually paired with more acidic wines. This makes Brie a perfect pair for Chardonnay.
  • Salty cheeses work well with sweet wines. Port wine and blue cheese are a great pair.
  • Pair strong cheeses with strong wines. You may pair zindafel, a fruity dark red wine with asiago, a strong flavored cheese.
  • Compliment or contrast. Pair Hirtenkase, a hard, nutty cheese with "a nutty, slightly sweet wine" or a full red wine.

Organize a wine and cheese tasting for your friends, family, or for a corporate event. Wine works will help you set everything up -- at your venue!

Call us today and talk to our wine expert about including wine and cheese tasting at your next event.

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